Hi Maria, My name is Livia Warrington, I came to see you back in April for a deep tissue massage. At the time I was experiencing severe pain in my upper back, neck and head which neither my doctor nor my physio could diagnose. After 2 years of pain all they suggested was that i was holding my handbag wrong therefore causing posture problems. During treatment you identified there was a problem in my upper neck relating to my discs and recommended I request an MRI referral from my doctor to check it out. I subsequently got the referral and the MRI results indicated I have a tumour on C2, which is pressing on my spinal cord and causing the pain ive been experiencing. I have seen a neurologist and thankfully the tumour is operable, and hope to have surgery in the next month or so. Im not sure if you’ll remember me but I just wanted to say a huge thankyou, without your expertise I would probably still be in the dark about my condition. I am so so glad I came to see you, and wanted to let you know how grateful I am for your professional advice. All the best Livvy (2013)