I have spent the last 10 years trying to find out why I have back and hip pain by visiting private and NHS physio’s and specialists. Each one giving me more useless exercises or orthotics which didn’t work.

My yoga instructor recommended Maria to me and after my first consultation with her, she could see what my problem was.
I had a Biomechanic’s assessment and some new orthotics for my shoes made up, which are so comfortable and are not like the hard painful ones I had in the past. Straight away my aches disappeared and I am now pain free!!!

I was also told by a medical specialist that I would need a hip replacement if my pain got worse, but thanks to Maria I will no longer need surgery.

I would recommend Maria to anyone as she is extremely knowledgeable and I really felt tat she cared about finding a solution to relieve my pain. (2017)

Thank you so much x